Interior design Roberto Cavalli's house

February 12, 2011

The architect Italo Rota has designed the Florentine house of Roberto Cavalli in a metal skin. This is a "lace" of metal that makes up the facade, a virtuosity in manufacturing achieved at Canterbury by Marzorati Ronchetti. To get the result has been used as a perforated plate in a fancy textile.

The sides are surrounded by a cage made of stainless steel laser engraved. If you prefer, you can grasp the fantasies that evoke the texture of plant ivy. During the day, this area is constantly evolving and changing due to the effect of camouflage color that the metal becomes so treated.

The large panels that compose the fa├žade are electronically modulating remote entry of outside light, an effect Mozarabic, filtering and refracting at the same time. In such a game, the decorative elements are placed in dialogue with structural ones, sharing with those in the functional appearance, suitable for a chemistry teacher dialectic fashion.

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